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Find A Substitute

Here is a list of our members who are available to act as substitutes.

These listings don't constitute an endorsement of the standard of playing - it is up to you to ensure that anyone you hire is appropriate for your needs.

All bookings are made directly by you with the musician and we suggest that you also read the AGO's pay guidelines.

Judith W. Barrett, BA, MMED

Shepherd of the Sea Lutheran, Murrell's Inlet

Available for substitute work and teaching.


Brown Bradley B.S., M.M., MSM, MUSC - Member

Director of Music and Fine Arts / Organist at First Presbyterian Church, Myrtle Beach ( and Artistic Director of FPC Concerts, Inc.

Available for vocal solos (Tenor), substitute work and to teach.

843-449-8708 (Home)

843-448-4496 (Office)

843-655-0212 (Cell)

Patrick F. Downes - Member

Organist at First United Methodist Church, Myrtle Beach (

Available to substitute for all denominations. Organ for Sundays, funerals and weddings.

843-421-3674 (Cell)

Bud Esper (Rev) - Member

Available to substitute for all denominations. Organ, Piano, Orchestra & Choir, Traditional and Contemporary Music, Funerals, Weddings.

Also available part-time or full-time for organ and choir.

843-399 8317 (Home)

843-424 9623 (Cell)

George M. Giblin Jr. - Member

Retired Organist & Choir Director with 30+ years experience. Proficient in organ (pipe and electronics), piano, keyboard synthesizers, accordion, guitars, percussion, vocal performance. Directing soloists, choral and instrumental ensembles.  Comfortable utilizing classical, traditional, and contemporary music styles in Catholic and Protestant worship services.

Open for substitute and interim work in all denominations.

860-620-4103 (Cell)

843-299-1138 (Home)

Bradley S. Hardee (Mr)

Organist/Music Director, Kingston Presbyterian Church, Conway (
Assistant Organist, St. James Catholic Church, Conway (

Available to substitute for all denominations. Organ & Choir or Organ Only at Evening, Weekdays, Early Sunday Services and Saturdays.

843-340-1562 (Cell)

Ann Miles (Ms) BM - Member

Staff Accompanist at Coastal Carolina University, Conway.

Available to substitute for all denominations. Organ and choir for Sundays, funerals and weddings, contemporary (piano).

Also available to teach.

843-349-2637 (Office)

843-450-3906 (Cell)

Mary Moller (Mrs)

Organist St Michael's, Garden City (

Available to substitute for all denominations at funerals.

843-238-1572 (Home)

Brian Monroe - Chapter Treasurer

Organist & Choirmaster, Holy Cross Faith Memorial Episcopal Church, Pawleys Island

Available to substitute (not Sundays)

843-918-1230 (Office)

843-314-4288 (Home)

843-385-6523 (Cell)

Rev. Jean Norton, BM, M Div

Board Certified Chaplain. Semi-retired Minister of Music, United Church of Christ.

Semi-retired Organist and Choirmaster.  Board Certified Chaplain using harp, flutes and piano for healing.  Facilitator of retreats on music and spirituality with original meditative compositions.  Musical Theater Piano/Conductor/Vocal Coach. 

Available to substitute.

563-528-3157 (Cell)

Roberta Rowland-Raybold C.A.G.O - Member

Organist at 1st Baptist Church, Conway, SC (

Private organ instruction in technique and good literature.
Available for Weddings, Funerals, Early Services, Special Services and Midweek Rehearsals.
Experienced organ, piano, choir, handbells. Background in all denominations.


Darleen C. Smith BM - Member

Retired Music Teacher (Vocal in Public Schools) & Retired Church Organist. Wishing only short or long term substitute positions.

Available to work as Organ & Choir Director, Organ Only, Choir Only, Contemporary Music (Piano), Funerals & Weddings, any and all denominations.

darleensmith@sccoast .net

843-390-5210 (Home)

843-798-1558 (Cell)

6203 Catalina Drive # 2412, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29582 (Mail & Home)

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